This is my website (Nikolai Kozak’s).

I worked as a creative director for a bunch of companies for a while. Before that, I was very into art-making.

Nowadays I’m interested in programming languages (Erlang, Scheme and Racket), interaction design, and speculative design.

This website houses most of my work, including an archive of some pretty old stuff I’m not sure I like anymore.

If you want to reach out, just send me an email at nikokozak at gmail dot com.

About this site

This site is heavily inspired by sites like Justin Jackson’s “Web Page”, and Berkshire Hathaway.

Because of this, the site uses no front-end or styling frameworks, embeds only the necessary JS to run interactive examples, doesn’t track you, and is built by hand with the help of Jekyll.

The site is served by a live-view enabled Phoenix and Elixir app running on Render. This allows me to easily bootstrap necessary API routers I might need for the interactive examples on the site, as well as mess around with websockets when necessary.